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About Cam Nikkel About Cam Nikkel About Cam Nikkel

The Story: More than 2 decades ago, a young man was given a hand-me-down camera. His interest piqued, he enrolled in photography classes at school. Taking his camera wherever he went, he documented his adolescence with his Minolta 35mm SLR; whether it was capturing the energy from live punk rock and hardcore shows or skateboarding sessions with his friends. Fast forward 20 years later, and Cam Nikkel is still the same man with a 35mm SLR, although he has become infinitely more adept at his craft.

With the skilled eye of an impassioned artist, Nikkel manages to focus in on his subject in a way that encapsulates their character while keeping them comfortable in their natural surroundings. Throughout his many years of shooting, he has immortalized thousands of moments on film, varying from frenzied fans at punk rock shows to smiling children and their families in throughout Winnipeg. He has perfected the delicate balance between getting a perfect picture on a technical level, and displaying the true essence of his subject.

Despite some of his portraits depicting less-than-wholesome behaviour, Cam remains true to his straight edge (abstaining from drugs and alcohol) roots. A large part of his photo collection is dedicated to documenting his devotion to his son, who takes after his dad and has also developed a passion for skateboarding.

Nikkel’s online portfolio documents three decades of people, music, travel, skateboarding culture as well as showcasing his work that has been shown at galleries throughout Winnipeg. His blog; Pancakes and Skateboards follows local skateboarders both young and old, chronicling daily life on a regular basis.

2011: Started publishing P&S Zine and created a photo inspired clothing line in 2011.

2012: Named one of Manitoba's Top 100 Most Fascinating People of 2011 by Ace Burpee (Winnipeg Free Press)

2013: Released P&S Issue 3 on iTunes for iPad

2014: Released P&S Issue 3.5

2015: Returned focus to printed copies of the zines. Took P&S Zine Issue 3 down from iTunes and published Drive by Shooting Issue 1 Participated in Flash Fest 2015

About Cam Nikkel About Cam Nikkel About Cam Nikkel
About Cam Nikkel About Cam Nikkel About Cam Nikkel
About Cam Nikkel About Cam Nikkel